103 Songs

Sometimes I get the feeling that I just don't want to hear any music because I'm sick of it! Today is clearly not that day. I have the oddest perhaps unusual day today. It brings surprises to me.

Today I must have woken on the wrong side of the bed. I got into this mood of listening to songs. Many songs. I put my iPod to shuffle Mode (which no doubt is the best function since you have no idea what comes next) and just blast away, stopping for lunch and sorts and I played up to 100 songs. 97 on my earphone 3 in my car. That's just insane dude.

Over the process I spend almost 8 hours on iPod and basically ran through Every single album on my ipod, Listening to 1/6 of the songs I had on the iPod. And most of it is from d: and Hills. I think I heard every single version of obsession. Yes IT CAN DRIVE YOU OBSESS *there were more than 4 obsession on my iPod.

Drove myself to ikea, bought some stuff a shelf for myself and a chair for my home, and decided then to eat cheap food after that. Of all place I go to ENS today. I bumped into my high school best mates which I lost touch after few hundred days. They didn't even invite me. HOR! Well most of them also not my class and not my circle of friends. They are like Chen Fei's circle of friends. S.U nontheless. Alot of them changed from fat to thin thin to fat etc. and erm YEE YEE still remember my nick name! my GOSH!

Well great chance to catch up. I found out that 3 of them actually work in Puchong. huh? LOL =) But I didn't talk much as usual. Alrighty, Bye.

Like my new header? something for a change. The jpg quality not good but its there la somehow. Someone kind enough to donate me a digi cam? Or what can I do for you? Work for you clean your car with just (minimum RM1) donation? This will go to my Camera fund. Let me know ya?


Rei said...

nice pix!

John said...

Arrigato Bra