what would make you Q?

With the 50th independence celebration, Malaysian government sure does know how to spend huge amount of money to promote tourism to Malaysia. One of it is the International Fireworks Competition happening from one day to another.

I went for it twice now, and it is absolutely fantastic, but to get there means you'll be going at 8 pm jam with them, walk a kilometer away and yeap you're there. Not to mention you'd have to jam for an hour plus to get back home.

After the my 1st night "Team Australia" I decided to haul some friend with me for Team Italy. So when we went there some friends complaint "JAM" while others "I DON'T LIKE CROWDS" and yea blalering all the way. But things were different after the show.

It was a crowd puller, Even when you see the same fireworks for a few times. Same patterns same flare, and not to mention jams. But what would make you Q for hours? and hours after that? The chance to see something beautiful? Magnificent? I don't have the answer. But one thing is for sure... It definitely beats us Christians who seems to find more excuse to 'Q' for skipping church, for coming late and for yawning in church.


We have fireworks in church. Really. You just got to pay more attention.

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angeliCassie said...

brilliant post bro john =)