Blur Blue

What's the highlight for me in camp?

Being in the winning team. HAH! Well yea. I am the only guy in a girl team in many of the sports. That has some disadvantage. Huge one. But it is balanced because 2 member of ours are doing games.

But more than just winning (which I totally didn't expect because I never really won in any game in any team), We achieved unity, team spirit. It is something else. Everyone plays a part in everything. Even when it comes to sacrificing pride, face value, hardships, everyone in the team kept pressing onwards. Especially the time where everyone have to walk to tight rope which was quite freakish for girls, But everyone walked on it. Not a single person in camp did not walked on it.

I let the girls do most of the stuffs. Because I knew here and there what's happening, so I just kept quiet. I knew we had to build something in the end. DUDE that's like my idea to have amazing race style. So I just left them here and there, and they practically did a lot of tough stuff. GIRL POWER!! The last part is probably the hardest, Building a floating flagpole. I did not give much suggestions. It is all their idea. And seriously all I did was tie the flag to the flagpole and they did and erected the rest.

I am proud of everyone in my team. the girl team. I have no idea what I did in it but participate. Hahaha. But really I did not cheat a bit. Go team blur! Why was it named blur blue? I have no idea. Neither do they . But Unity is the most important part if we're running the race. Encouragement is what we need when we're not sure what to do. Sacrifies is what we must do when we want to win.

Go Blurs Go!

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Anonymous said...

Thats so true!!! GIRL POWER!!! HAHAHA and somemore syok la you people carried you through the spider web.. =P anyways, i really saw our team had much cooperation together throughout the game =)