I am not ashamed of the Gospel

Well, if I can choose one of the hardest song to sing or verse to recite, it is definitely this. Quoted from Paul in the Romans, it is probably a very least said words among many Christians today, including me.

Why I find it hard to sing is sometimes we are so afraid of what the world actually viewed Christians, when friends ask about the 'weird' stuff about Christianity, "singing hallelujah in the cathedrals" and blahs, do we boldly tell them about Christ or just shuns of the topic? I personally finds myself stammer for correct phrase and words to explain about Christianity that leads me frustrated and sometimes abandon the topic.

There was even once I remembered clearly that one of my fellow Christian friend actually asked me to DEMO speaking in tongues to the friends. Alright that might not be the best approach in that kind of environment. But did I even tried to explain what tongues is? hmm...

It is still a major topic that needs me to conquer the fear the struggles. I guess in the end of the day, we all should keep singing songs that aren't comfortable. Because you know you could do better than just singing. It gets you doing something by putting yourself to shame.

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