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Sorry for the lack of post. These days kind of busy. I recently got a lot of comments though. However there are tons of anonymous, Please help me by putting your names or initials. Let me at least know who's commenting. Thank you.

I would also like to reply to a couple of comments.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "My Church":

How do you know all that? you analyzed during worship?
Yep I analyzed. And, it is also based on my assumption and probably my assumption might be wrong. But by playing guitar means you have a wide angle view of the church.

Since I am on this topic, I do think that Worship Team = Worship Leaders, Not only the person who gives sign, but the whole team is 1 (one) LEADER. And like the army, if the leader aren't having followers, they aren't leading. In the same sense, If we, in any position or instruments we are at, can't lead / leading a non-singing / worshiping group = we failed (period)

So that being said, That is why I often open my eyes to look around. Not to get self glorifications, not to catch whoever not worshiping, but to analyzed how WE can lead better. Is it any songs, how do we go about this, ETC.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "BATSUKH, Ochir":

It is a thoughtful thing to do. However sometimes, we need not have to go so far just to help those who are unfortunate. What about people in Malaysia? Children in Malaysia? Helping the tsunami people? Helping the poor people that we ourselves know? or maybe it is just another way to praise ourselves, maybe we need to bear in mind that people around us are not as fortunate like you and me. If people near us, we could not help, whatever the world outside?
Yeah. I am actually working to get to local kids. It would help if there are any organization to help in this. I sponsored other countries is because world vision Malaysia only have a certain countries and non of them are Malaysia (guess we are more well off)

If you'd know me better, that above comment might be different. There are tons of ways to praise myself and this is not of it. Like I say (or did not?) say in my post that I do struggle to post this subject up as I know it might look like a show off. But then. Which is better? To help in silence or to stir a cause and letting asking people to join you? something is better than nothing.

That being said, would you lend a hand by helping me to chip in for this kid or another?

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debbie said...

some people mistaken that you actually got a kid.. lol.. anyway, erm..comments comments...
malas la..wanna read blogs dy... bosan..Zzzzz