Poor boy's Christmas

I am so not in the mood for Christmas this year. Being having celebrated Christmas for 22 years, It gets world-lier every year. Jingles, Frosty, Santarina, Candy of course presents. Everyone on the street get hyped up for Christmas every year. Like it or not we feel the dying Christmas as Christians every year. Most church would have Mary and Joseph skit or any rendition of it. That is just doing the same routine. I guess my church is going to get the same deco up again pretty soon.

But I decided to download some Christmas music to cheer me up. Of course I was looking for carols. But singing the same song for 22 years ain't exactly fresh. And when I search and search. I saw Jars of Clay - Christmas Song. Got it on my iPod and just play it. The 1st track was instrumental and straight away I got the chills. Because it is very 'minor mood' and the rest of the track should I say WEIRD if you're not use to Jars of Clay.

Listening to it I feel re-energize for Christmas. Because the tunes can't sing to it (like normal carols) I can only listen. And of course JoC is lyrical. It is not all their song though. But they sang a lot of olden day carols song about Christmas. Way before jingle bells or any of the humans today are alive (probably). The focus is indeed mainly on Jesus.

But another part of it focuses on US the human. What are we giving to God? A few song sang about a poor boy as I am, what can I give?

"If I was a shepherd, I would bring a Lamb, If I were a wise man, I would do my part. What can I give him? my heart."

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