I love my country.

Ok so we all know about the BERSIH rally last weekend that jam the whole KL in a chaos causing the bride to be late and us to be late to church. I not blaming the bersih. Just the cops. But the above headline and picture was from today's papers. When I blog about national news I always end up laughing. That's because they are clowning around.

Those guys are the merchant in KL. They lost a lot business on that BERSIH weekend. Just take and read the words they wrote on the cardbord. Hmmmmmm let's pause for a while. AREN'T THEY what you call that... protesting? I especially like the one "street demo not our culture" and the "say no to street demo" ok dudes...

So I've come up with some photography pics (that will look good on you) and ideas in countering protestants.

1st - Don't take in groups... ever! (take individual shots and have them write your point of view like - mr.chan, 45, "I think we should not street demo...")

2nd - Don't write on cardboardsssssssssss... seriously

3rd and most important - Don't take a photo with the fist in the air... NO! NO! NO!

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Anonymous said...

thats why we love malaysia.