Voice donation please.

It was a torturous weekend. With wedding event and full weekend of worship leading, my throat decided to go bad. I woke up with a odd feeling on Friday. Till midday I was really suffering. I didn't work fast and hard like I wanted to. The sore got worse throughout the day and I can't take it any longer and crashed.

I was hoping to find someone that can take over worship leading but somehow when you call in last minute, you'll often get let down. So I decided to hang in there and hope I can get well. I totally lost it. I lost my voice on Saturday night. Just crooked voice. I don't know how to do it. I cranked up my Saviour King on iPod and just raised my hands for God to give me strength.

I had to pull the shot. I message one whom I think would help out in times of need. The worship director... but he is in the states. Dang I asked someone else, but then again, people often need a whole lot of time to prepare. Which sometimes I think it is bad in emergencies like this. I had to do it. With my cranky voice.

"It appears that I have lost my voice, but that will not stop me from worshiping God, I hope that won't stop you either" came out from the speaker. The initial plan was that I was not suppose to sing, but when I am up there, there is this urge to get it out. This is my job of the moment, my passion. To worship.

It was a great experience, And nope the songs didn't help me at all. And again, dead souls were in the house as well. In a sense I was glad that they didn't sing because they feel sympathetic towards my vocal cord. But at the same time I don't really know what else can I do about helping them. Ran out of ideas. God help us.

Let now the weak say I have strength, by the spirit of power, that have raise Christ from the dead


Joleen said...

thats good u experience something new ;) hehe

angeliCassie said...

i would have quoted "let now our hearts burn with a flame,a fire consuming all for Your Son's holy name"

and hopefully one day we'll all be burning =)

you did well..the best you could on sun bro john

Anonymous said...

erm.. only prob is.. let's not let it burn too late in life. :)


Anonymous said...

amen to that

John said...

Maybe she meant the whole church hearts will be burning? HA

angeliCassie said...

yea thanks bro john..for getting my point haha..not only church though..everybody at large la