5000 peace sign

Alright this one is long overdue, started but did not complete. So am gonna complete this as the Malaysian Affairs once again hit the land.

This article was posted in last month's newspaper that caught my attention.

"5000 youths sign for peace (no more street demo etc...)"

You can read the news here

While this is a good thing, I can't help to think would they still sign for peace 10, 15 years later. Don't get me wrong. I am not against them, and I am not a person who dislike peace and harmony. But like many of them, I grew up with other races. I studied and even had them as my best friend.

Things started to change once I came to know about politics, racial justice, I can't help to think of the unjust treatment that has been put up and how everything gets swept under the carpet. When we're young we're surrounded with different races, play, drink eat together... but once we grew up things seems to change. We have eaten the fruit of the tree of good and evil. We began to discover more diversity, differences and how different races get different treatments thus, dislikes.

So what about the peace sign? Being a student I am sorry to say, there is nothing special about signing for peace. Your votes don't really count. Of course everyone wants peace. Even I. If I was ever schooling again, I would sign all I want. Why not? it is harmless for me to sign for peace and I always do what my classmates / friends does. Of course again, I am young and don't really give a bit of care to all national related matters.

A deeper look into the paper will send you laughing all the way to the moon. The news is reported from IPOH and the signatures handed over to the minister in Perak. DUDE! Ipoh is like almost 200Km away from where the street demonstration was held. What has this got to do with Ipoh kids? Funny? You decide.

Like I said, truths are being covered up, things are swept under the carpet but not well hidden. Got protest in KL ask Ipoh youths to sign for peace and therefore = Malaysians wants peace. That's erm illogical.

That's is why in a way I respect Datuk Chua for owning up. He dared to say YES for the mistake he has done and bear responsibility to it... Not shove it aside, Hide it, go over many arguments, getting special judge, jury, professionals to "analyze" like the Lingam Tape. Just a simple YES it is me. In a way, your "news" will die off faster and you suffer less shame.

And recently, there is also news of those hundred over NGO who has claim that the silent majority has spoken up against street demos. But of course those silent majorities is you and me and we have not spoken anything against street demo. So where does all these comes from? What's their purpose? promoting peace or disintegrating it?

With that. I end this entry. Good Night


fangz said...

I hate politic issues like this larz, make m'sia even more third-world (-.- ;)

John said...

At least it is interesting... like got circus all the time kan