That time of the year again

As I mouse surf to many blogs, Most would say that their lives are bittersweet in 2007 and welcome 2008. Many hoped for a better year so they could enjoy as much as they can.

For me however, It is rather stressful entering 2008. Many things to plan, and gives me a sinking feeling as everything is new again and you have the feeling you know you're going to fail to keep your resolution, your fresh start and you go downhill right after the 1st quarter of the year.

It is like your few pages full sermon notes and when u look at it, it is dated 2005, you'll feel ashamed to continue writing the next page and got hold of a new empty notebook and say, I will complete all 52 weeks this time but know that the new book will end up on the shelf after a few pages.

Life is like that. Rather, humans are like that. Lack of discipline. A failure. The amount of stress is undesirable when it comes to a new year. So what's so good about new year? Maybe that's is why people keep wishing may you have a HAPPY new year.

As for my resolution, Here's what I could think of so far:-

1) Able to lead better, giving clearer directions
2) Finish the 366@2008 project
3) Get rid of my hunch
4) Get healthier by exercise
5) Save a target of RM4-5k which means
6) Will not buy gadgets (electronics) that exceeds Rm200
7) Having a more consistent devotion
8) Sponsor another kid?

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