The Ornaments are Up

While One U may have the biggest drummer boy, The Curve having snow falling, KLCC still holds the title of the tallest tree in Malaysia, I did my own Christmas DECO.

So what you think? I haven't finish as I am quite not that satisfied with the layout and the design as yet.

So right now, I'll leave you with this while I take a break at Taiping for the next 3 days. Speaking of which I have not packed as I just got home from work.

Well. Stay Put for this BLOG. I got some exciting Christmas Plan up my sleeves. ;)

Comment Away! I mean give me cookie please?


Rei said...

u wan cookie i give u cookie
*ahemz* (clear throat) KnSz SIrentou BRA )(*&^%$#$%^&!!!!!who told me "not yet I'll leave a msg/comment later"!!! Simikz pun boh ok! )(*&^%$#$%^&*(!!!! btw i was touching up on the snow deco yest for my header mwahahha who knows ur more christmas-ish than me -___-

Rei said...

1 more thing bra, ur dialogue is colder than winter hahaha

Christine said...

It's as green as your room ;)

Joleen said...

very nice! especially with the cartoon i draw for u ahahhaha

angeliCassie said...

waaaa bro free ah?haha great's one cookie for you!=p