HUGE (champion)

Hey there! I am back. Well kinda had muscle ache all the way there and back. Driving for hours probably fun. Driving for hours with road repairs, truck speeding, occasional rain - priceless. Nevertheless, thank God for the journey.

So how was HUGE? Well honestly apart from the speakers+movements, everything else was so-so. The numbers weren't huge, the band... hmm... The room were small but alright, the roomates... hmmm.. not that bad. The food... horrrrrrrrrrible. My plate from dinner to breakfast minus one dish out every time. It was like ok 4 vege... 3 vege... 2 vege... rice.

Some of the highlights that I like from the camp...

1) I did a crazy Frisbee throw that I can't reproduce :(

2) Sermon was great. It is different aspect, perspective, something that recently I have been jumping thoughts on - Social Justice.

3) Getting relax - Ya right!

4) Watch some TV - laughing at Malay drama series.

5) Shopped at Tesco Taiping.

6) Drove 624km up north and down south

7) Am almost invisible. Perfect year for it.

That's about it I guess. Nothing much really happen because nothing much happened. Kinda. anyway. Thanks for all the cookies people. Keep em coming. I am sorry I did not have a single picture from the camp as I almost wanted to buy a camera just before H.U.G.E but was delayed due to workload. Maybe this weekend then.

;) Blessed Christmas Again

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fangz said...

I thought you've bought it already haha