What I did in 2007

2007 is coming to an end. I do miss 2007. A lot of goods and bads happen in 2007. Let's see what I did in 2007. In no chronological order

1) went to Bali for the 1st time

2) Bought an iPod and got replaced twice

3) Went to see Delirious live in Singapore

4) Sponsored a child

5) Gotten my own Credit Card

6) Bought a camera

7) Joined and wasted time on Facebook

8) Ate my 1st J.CO donut (yes I am bored)

9) Watch 1 Taiwan drama, 5 Jap drama, several english drama

And several others. See my life ain't that bad. Hmm I hope 2008 won't be so bad. I want to do travels, but have no idea where can I go or how am I gonna go. On a second thought, Beijing 2008 is happening very very soon. HEE

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fangz said...

great smile u got there. mwahahahahhhahaa