Christmas Eve

Christmas has always been special every year except this one. I had economy crisis (thus minus presents) I was sick, and the dates of Christmas wasn't really good in timing. So after much pizzas and western steak and much cheese, I opted something else for Christmas eve dinner. YES. CHINESE. Not just it really not my taste of Christmas, it was the most porked filled Chinese dinner you could ever imagine.
So this is where my family ate.

I thought the colour is a lil Christmas don't you think so?

Of course you would want to taste their advertised dish. It's good

I opted for something plain for the stomach.

This was unusual. HAHA.

We had more dishes, But I am too hungry to snap them all. So that's all from dragon-i. It is rather expansive to eat there I must say. So unless you have couple of rm50 to burn, try the nearest coffee shop.

And oh. I think I am going to use the same Christmas header until 2008. I have decided that I have no time for the 12 day of Christmas. I shall save that for next year perhaps.


joleen said...

i want to eat :P

fangz said...

mwahaha i used to go there quite often too. Mr. Ryo likes chinese cusine (-.- ;) u shud try NANXIANG MANTOU DIAN in The Curve. it's wayyyy better than Dragon-i. Especially the xiao long bao.