Amazing Race 12 (spoiler warning)

There are only a handful of amazing race series that I have completed. I love amazing race for the fact that you get to know a bit of culture in different parts of the world. The camera views are good. And of course you get to see the true nature of human being when being 'threaten' or in a do or die competition.

Don't expect to like a new season right away, you got to keep watching until at least epi5/6 to get you into the loop for the team/s you support. In other words the team grew with you. And this season round. The team I supported won the race! TK and Rachel! So far this is the 2nd team that I supported so badly won.

The best part is I have not seen them arguing with each other throughout the race while other teams have. The previous team I supported too don't argue at all. Goofing all the way to the finish line.

So.. here's the winner for this season!

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fangz said...

that's me!

lame....... (-___-)