I am not legend

Well. There are many ways my church settings is like the movie I AM LEGEND.

There's only few character in the movie so I guess it is easy

1) Robert Neville = 20% workforce in church
(He is the only few survivor of the virus and gives his all to find a cure for it)

2) The zombies = seemingly soulless bodies in church giving you the (0_0) look
(They are just alive but without a soul)

3) Anna & Ethan = People who don't want to take responsibility
(They are also human survived the virus. But not only does nothing to help it but runs away from it. self-centered)

Which are you? who can you relate to? Today during worship, I tried #2 since most of them always stare at the screen as if the lyrics were in Tibetan and gave an expressionless face. I tried to stay still and open my eyes and stare. It is hard. I don't know how they can NOT sing and stone there. I can't do it.

I am restless. I can't stand doing church anymore. This is not right. I would like to push on like Dr. Robert. But I am fading and ending up in the 3rd category. WHY? I don't know I dislike doing church but nobody wants to be church.

What happens after that is sadder, well its a classic case of parents and church issues which is nothing special. I have heard countless accounts of parents stopping children from church activities especially serving. Countless parents are doing that because for whatever reason. More studies than not that's for sure.

I can't help but wonder. What if coming to church the more you serve the more credits and merits you get in your CV / Resume? count it as an extra curriculum. Would parents still stop children to serve?

But what we quickly forgotten is that serving does increase our merit and also adds to our CV (IMHO) in heaven. Maybe its just not tangible enough to convince people? Then why faith? Why Christianity in the 1st place? Why?

What is church to you? Is it a meeting place, is it place to increase our deals and swap more cards? Is it a superficial place where you hope your sins are forgiven? or is a community that supports one another in spirit and soul with kingdom minded mindset?


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fangz said...

weiz what abt the dog!! the most beautiful thing in this movie (to me)is supposed to be the dog-human relationship! mwahahha

but didn't watch it in the end cuz I heard that the dog dies -__-