Cuci (Spoiler Warning)

This month can be voted in for movie month. I watched like so many movies which I don't normally do anymore because of busyness. This also can be said as the 1st Malay movie I watched in cinema. And the 2nd Malay movie I watched in my life (1st was Sepet) So I don't really know why but this show attracted me. Maybe it is because of the poster.

So bright eh? Story wise, it is a great script but some part a little too draggy and off focused. Some part too elaborate. But overall it is a great movie to catch to relax off. A truly Malaysian show. I like how they potray our culture well. Like for a part, they asked an Indian but with Chinese accent talking in Malay it is so funny. The Indian even had an Chinese name and how the part where he said one sentence "Lu boleh join itu COMPETITION. Competition lu tak paham. KOMPETISI tau?" AHAHAHAHA

Anyway the synopsis is this. They are a local regular shop window washer that had a dream and goal of washing the windows of KLCC twin tower. But the license of KLCC window washer was granted to international window washers. And the twist can throw you off your chair haha.

One thing they can do is include the subtitles. YES no subtitles of any sorts. I think they should broaden their scope of target audience to non Malays. Have more trailers etc. If not their scope is only for the Malays which will not propel our industri forward. The show isn't hard to follow by me but Joleen find it hard to catch.

Catch it! But do expect you're the only non-Malay in the hall ;)

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