It has been horrible and sweet week this week. I had a terrible encounter on Tuesday as we sent out few thousands worth of e-Newsletter without our client's green light on it. What's worst is that one of their important link was link to a wrong page. It was so stressful that I took a great strength to suppress myself from cursing.

But the next day, things look at a brighter side. As we do always have to look forward to future. I got this good news packed in white.

Then I got Aaron's msn that we've secure a spot in KK mountain by the management. That's unbelievable. Although it is their 3d2n package. But it is far less expensive than what we had been offer. Finally things starts to kick into place.

But then I lost the free ticket to Bangkok due to my couldn't make up my mind. But I bought the more expensive ticket now. sigh is all I can say. I hope my leave is alright with them. Else I am really speechless. Oh well got to keep praying.

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