Drama Week

I could not remember when was the last time I watched a TVB (hong kong) drama series. It was probably at least 5 years I did not watch Cantonese drama because I think it is too predictable, same actors, different stories, same plot.

Years after that, and writers' strike in the west has left almost all western drama to an halt. And Japanese drama rarely comes by so I decided to try TVB again. I tried the shows from astro on demand and tried to watch Wars of in law II WHOA.... While they have different lead actors, the setting is mostly the same. The old actors of course still in, and the KELIFEs are still the same.

At the same time I also watch Words twisters' adventures. Which I say is also pretty much the same, but a bit 'no-logic' which is quite a different turn as to how TVB don't expand into that area. It is sort of like Xing-Ye (but not so kua cheong) kind of movie. And the best thing is probably few of my favourite actors are on it. Jordan Chan, Charmaine Cheh, Yuen Wah...

They still the same old visual effects. Fake painted skies with too fake lighting especially when they are on the roof. (oh its a movie in ancient time) And of course, not ancient movie is complete with at least one scene of broken, super run down, lots of spider web Chinese temple. Haha

Nah its not all bad. I am glad that most series now have shrink in length. Mostly every series is about 20 epi. Compare to last time at least easily 40. Thus no real dragginess. I am VERY VERY relief to see that there's so far no TRIANGLE LOVE (which would take at least 10 epi to solve) And so far and I am really amaze that I haven't seen the "100% coincidence-accidental miss" scenes. Like you know... One lift door open one close... Both crossing road but too crowded so they miss... One at the bridge one below... You know what I mean. GOOOOOD!

As for now, while collecting the rest of Wars of in laws, I am not gonna watch drama this week and clear my backlogs... piling -_-" anyone wants any drama?

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