Gong Hei!

Well CNY is just about 18 days away. Did a new header fo it. Took me quite a while as I have to recall the shape and size of the wordings. Chinese merosot ni :( But anyway Happy early CNY to everyone hahaha. I need more money this year.. ;)

Well like or dislike new header? sure like right right right???

Alright it is time to sleep already. Shoulder is healing but hope it can be better. Played 2 games of frisbee just now. Felt good. Feeling really low these few days. Hope the skies are clear tomorrow.

Meanwhile visit my other photoblog if you haven't already or have not been going. Leave comments there also la can http://johnin2008.wordpress.com Alright bedtime. Blog later see ya

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fangz said...

zadao by the new header (-__-)