Just how advanced are we?

Recently been bogged down with tons of things to run yet the connection in the office is horrible till I can't stand it and finally cleaned my tank in the office. Just hours of internet shortage can send emails piling up and demanding clients asking where's their goods and service.

Yet in the midst of that, we're also planning a trip to Kota Kinabalu in search of the highest hill in Malaysia (It is the 4th tallest in S.E.A btw) I can't believe that too makes me and my friends stress. That's because the information on it is unbelievably hard to get. And mind you it is one of the most famous tourist attraction to Borneo (besides people wanting to see orang utan) .

The government is of course at fault at this. Before introducing VISIT MALAYSIA please clean up your websites. PLEASE do up your meta tag! buy from google if you have to. A search "Climb mount KK" ends TOURISM MALAYSIA site on the 8th page of google. I usually stops the most at the 2nd page. Yet sites like


all taken by travel agents if not individual blog sites with absolutely little knowledge offering you details and plans and stuff like that. Being a Malaysian, we're saying we're advancing in technology but are we? Now that we're advancing, I hate sites that are less than AirAsia, book only reserve online... Do we have that? To get information alone is a mission impossible.

After a lot of research and information reading that comes from mostly BLOGS =.= told me to look at certain direction which I did and took me so horribly long time to only know that I have to book a hotel at the mountain's 'pit stop' so I finally found the website after a long time it is at http://www.suterasanctuarylodges.com.my/

Ok 1stly who the heck came up with that name it is so hard to remember that I have to google it everytime I want to go to that website. 2ndly the name alone don't suggest it has anything to do with mount KK does it? silk+sanctuary+lodge huh? Ok anyway too bad they're handling the pit stop~

Then I went to click on reservation. they ask me email them WAH one week di still no reply. Then finally call them to book for JUNE here's how it roughly went...

Me: Erm hello

Them: hello

Me: Can I make a reservation for LABAN RATA (the pit stop)

Them: For when sir?

Me: 23rd of June

Them: One moment... Only 3 beds left

Me: Don't have other beds?

Them: Only 3

Me: What about nearby dates 22nd and 24th?

Them: All fully booked

... after some long conversation ...

Me: Oh is there any chance we can set up camp outside

Them: (giggles) No sir we don't allow that

Me: Oh ok. Btw... what's the price list is?

Them: ok we sell in package (they now sell in package.. packaging nicer to see right) For 3d2n heated room is RMxxx for non-heated is RMxxx 6 meals. One night you stay at the park (foot hill) one night at Laban rata...

Me: oh... what about 2d1n I only want to book for LABAN RATA night

Them: Oh 2d1n got... but subject to availability

PENG!!!!!! what the heck is I got plenty of 3d2n but 2d1n subject to availability? means if I take 3d2n I sure can get 23rd of June? Is it? I figure that my converstation is enough. So I ended the call. In the end I did not get anything but just simple information that YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY save my money by putting it up online and easy to search!

Btw if you're wondering. It is best you book 7-8 months in advance and avoid raining season JUNE-JULY seems favourite and because we're so developed, we decided to have less accommodation at LABAN RATA only 130 beds all in. So you can imagine. But the bright side is, It won't become overpopulated like Genting.

I've been up to Laban Rata when I was young if I am not wrong. Someone drove me up though.

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