Cloverfield nice can?

Hate it. Love it. You'll remember it for a long long time. Motion sickness warning from me. ;) But I liked how they break the norm and done something different than those big budget movies. The entire show was shot with this (pic below) and with no tripod or anything

I was expecting something smaller oh well It is still much like a better camcorder. I suspect they turn off the Optical Image Stabilizer (which the camera has). For the 1st few minutes of the show I hated it because it is swaying too much. Maybe a different person holding the camera. After 5 ten minutes it is alright for me but not my comrades.

If you like a new experience, go watch it. I liked it in the end because I held camcorder before and i know how unstabil it is. I begin to adapt to it without knowing it and also the weirdest thing is that I actually able to visualized the camera man's movement with the camera like he is shooting the ground, what angle he is holding on. It is like you're him. Complicated? Yeap hahaha.

Jason and Beth the camera really camcorder la wei small

I like how the camera responds to things it is so like a camera esp the film grain, shooting at night, night vision, zoom, and focusing. Crazy like my camera can? If you like photography, watch it too.

All in all it is an experimental I would say different feel show. The only lacking thing is that the chairs aren't moving. So go watch it if you have no problems with motions. Or you play lots of CS, Half life, Quake yea you get what I mean.

And oh don't expect like a story kind of story just enjoy as it is. ;) I give 4 out of 5 for experience

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