Ardent Servanthood

This weekend I am worship leading. 2 of my backup can't make it to the team. 1 of the backup swap with the only drummer left (other than myself). So the situation is I have either have a backup or have a drummer. Of course 1 could have say to the back up can you choose someone else? Or I could have picked my own backup right?

I basically don't really care if I have either or not at all. In fact I don't even mind doing it on my own than to stress myself over the matter. True I used to be really angry if people don't make it. I have changed along the way. The more I looked at the team the more I am truly discouraged. No one seems to belong to the team. We're there just for playing sake. So what we're good individually when no one feels belong in the band.

Solution is work towards it right? I wish it was that simple. The fact is no one wants to move towards it no matter how much we've talked about it. Everyone thinks they are great musicians that's sufficient. Yes if you haven't realized it WE ARE VERY FAR APART!

To go deeper, the only thing uniting us all together is not the worship leader, it is infact HILLSONG. How so? everyone can perfectly play the beats, the chords the superb solo. And if we follow the sequence just right, you'll sound good as a band. This is infact true... Don't believe? try taking apart the song, put some of your own mix, mess it up and see if everyone still sounds good? The only songs that we're good at is HILLSONG... if we play some oldies, passion, Chris Tomlin, we almost instantly sound bad.

Why I do not care about who serves? When I looked at the team, only a handful ones I will ask. I don't like to ask those that are there just because duty roster or worship leader asked so. If one is not passionate about serving it is very unlikely I'll give them a ring to help me up. The other issue is of course availability. Hardly available due to parents issue or traveling issue.

Let's check ourselves again. What are we doing up on stage and where's our passion?

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