Love = Money?

Well valentine's just pass and beside the usual boring stuff you come to know (flowers, dinners, gifts...) Once a while you'll hear of people going all out extraordinarily doing something for Vday!

Yes yes who can be more romantic than my Photoshop Flowers or Joash's creative poem or even Debbie's hardwork + skillful gift It is this super rich crazy guy's marriage proposal????

And as I pass by there I took a snapshot at the billboard (it was heavy jam then)

Don't get me wrong. I know I know you girls will say it is one in the lifetime experience that should be kept in memory and forever and ever look back on that day when your boyfriend advertise on the billboard...

But many fail to think that there's more than that in marriage to think about. What's after the ceremony? Do you have enough to eat? Do you have enough to pay the bills? Is what I am aiming for... To think of it 40,000 can buy you 5 years of lunch and dinner each. Is that a lot now? Comepare it to one month of billboard.

Ok so I know many are asking when I am getting married. Well that's a tricky question. Well let's say hmm I won't tell you now so you can keep dreaming of me getting married.

I give it a benefit that he is super duper rich that can afford that billboard. Yes it is probably so. She is lucky. But more like HE IS LUCKY that she did not say NO I CANT ACCEPT YOUR PROPOSAL!

In contrast, The next day we went and visit an orphanage to see what we can do from there and I can't help but just think what would a 40,000 dollar do to them? read my thoughts here

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angeliCassie said...

bro john..tee hee i heard that his dad owns the yea i dun think he took out rm40k..he's only 26 anyway...

oh well,whatever it gives the society something to talk some stimulation man..haha

Debbie Soh said...

yeah...waste of money, if it is for me i'll want the money not a boring billboard..sorry to say la but i think your photoshop, joash poem and my drawing are way way cooler...hahah...