Valentine's Day

Yey finally got a bit of time though I am tired but I need to deliver this post hahaha because I got some pending post as well.

Anyway we are very rare couple as Yes we're a very rare couple that celebrates valentine's day in a non conventional Like bee said there's nothing special about v-day Last year we manage to celebrate v-day. We had it in A&W in Petronas station in Bukit Tinggi, Klang. Because of the weirdness I can remember... YOU CAN OR NOT? haha so this time

So we went 1 utama.

Usually I let her decide what to eat... But I guess she was too tired at 1st I say Sushi Groove then looked at the menu and we walked away hehehehe... yes! resist the temptation and sushi will flee from you. Then as we walked to the old wing, I could not resist not buying snacks from OLD CHUNG KEE... Then I saw JOHN KING we bought some and then AHA!!!!!!! I know what to eat.

We ended up in

Eh this Taiwan Snack pretty nice and very famous (next to TGV) . And can consider a meal but they only have 4 dish la.

It is actually my 2nd time and her 1st time. This is the most recommended dish "home made oyster mee sua" with vinegar and of course the fried chicken is unbelievably huge!

Sadly the only problem is there isn't enough space and don't go with bunch of people... See Joleen there? (left) that is where we sat! small famous shop.

Of course not forgetting the famous John King egg tart which I thought only Pavilion have them. By then we were very full so we did not eat much see also want to puke!

Yes we bought that and also extra Durian tart which she ate it.

We then walk back to our car and suddenly I spotted a pet... so cute.. I want to rare it... Its a lamp la hahaha.... rm1k

We then decide to stop by at niuzhexui(NZX) to see see look look and find ai peng of course. But we I reached there my eyes popped out! It is a lala street!!!!!

I mean yea la got good stuff some times like starbucks and coffee bean but LALA non the less

We did manage to find ai peng shop at last phew. I hope she is doing well as it is really hard to get business around there at least for a period of time until their office opens.

Yea they took photo at their neighbour's shop hahaha coz own shop too paiseh.

Before we left we camwhore abit but my camwhore skills for 2 still not good yet coz its hard!!

Ah this one chun can? I put on the floor and shoot ok! Eh looks like I got the bob la how how how...

Of course I received an gift early the day from her. I like the design and the vintage feel of the tin as I always like collectibles haha. It is famous amos la. which you can see the engine part is a different set of tin which has nothing inside. The biscuit really little. But the car is nice haha

So how was my valentine's? memorable la. At least I know where I ate this year! If you're wondering why I put 'belentine' is because valentine+belated = belentine lor haha sweat sweat


angeliCassie said...

want me to teach you how to take pics for two or not...=p

fangz said...



:: J o h n :: said...

Cassie - No need.... practice makes perfect... got to practice more hahaha

bra - your comment not very constructive ok... belentine sounds like chinese pronouncing and got meaning good ok...