ceramah again!

Yes Today after the 4th Daniel O.C meeting, I am getting tired and went home right after service... but but but I had to pass by USJ 12 which meant where DAP ceramah is tonight. HAHA I said to myself if got a good parking I shall get down and yes there were a lot of good parking. lol.

The photo above is taken before I went to church btw. I went and see them set up the tents and stuff.

The crowd today was mad. It is like triple that day in SS18 so I guess it is around 5-7k based on what my eyes can see. Looks like anger and frustration against the government people have generate the mass amount of crowd. I have just missed Hannah Yeoh's speech. But just nice to hear Tony Pua speak. Of course crowds were getting off right after Hannah. Tony Pua was hilarious. Now I know what's the fuss all about people saying his speeches are nice.

The funniest part is when he say the goverment really 烂 (lan) 'spoilded' and even last year our 50th year anniversary their tag line also proves it - Germi烂,(Germilang) 这么烂,(Cemerlang), 特别烂 (Terbilang) haha sorry you have to get someone who can read Chinese to read you hehe. But it was really hilarious!

I also got the opportunity to get really close to the stage and got close to all the candidates this time by making way in front.

Apparently my father and brother also went to the ceramah. Actually my brother have no clue on what's happening so me and my dad been feeding him info and info and then he went to the ceramah and experience what politics is all about. Haha. He say school rarely teach on this matter and the stuff they teach is too brief, student don't care about it at all.

Earlier he told me that HARIS IBRAHIM also spoke. Haris is actually a very famous blogger on politics. WOW. The time has change the people are smarter. I believe that this time round, SUBANG will go under DAP. Because when I arrive at the ceramah stage, many were going off after Hannah's speech and they all (mostly aunties) were talking about how strong Hannah is.

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Short shout out...
Happy birthday Vanessa, Rachel(bra) (don't have your number paiseh)

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thankz!! I had a very sad birht day ok (T___T) eh how come u dun have my number 1 (-___- " )