Ugly faces

Alright so the other day Pastor Bernard wants to have makan and fellowship with some of the leaders and leaders to be in youth ministry, I invited the whole kampung but only few turn out.

How it went? I did not really take much pictures. So I shall post whatever that I took from that day's makan time. Many of this pictures are quite ugly because when you shoot with the smile shutter function and move immediately you'll get some interesting ugly results...

We had lou sang and that's about all the dinner picture I taken... then we head towards Swensen's in Parade and while waiting for our icecreams

I have not used the smile detect function for quite a while and we played with it.

Erm because of the light Nat looked kinda scary...


Look cute lah he

tongue shot

Like small kid lah! but any one with icecream will act like small kid

Very expensive oh... Rm50 if I am not wrong or more? I can't remember :(

everyone happy?

On the left is Pastor Bernard on the left is Pastor Peter which happen to look like my dad (sort of)

That's it for the night. I think my shots are all pretty dark and grainy... hmm... I still haven't made up my mind about sending my camera to warranty... hmm. most likely I will...

Alright I've updated quite a lot in a few hours.

click click below ya...

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