Ah Long Pte Ltd

Lol Today I spend the end of the day in cinema catching Ah Long Pte Ltd. Alone. (that's coz beside andrew, no one's interested in chinese films) (and my girlfriends has no time lol). Anyway the show was awesome super funny. Its 18pl LOL so you get the idea.

You can't have Singaporean movies without having some of the famous actors in this case it is Mark Lee again and also Fann Wong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol I think Fann Wong is great because she is spotting and willing to try all sorts of role! in this case - The TAI LO...

Well of course shooting a gangster flick requires a gangster area and that you can't find in SINGAPORE. So buat la kita bangga sikit la. Yes it is shot in KL (so our country does have its proud moment lol (tia tiuk boh BRADER?)

Funny how they can speak in 3 language all in a show and it is so weird actually because it is the 1st time I see them having cantonese in their show(This show only can sell in M'sia and Sing la) Chinese - Hokkien - Canto - BM - India sama skali woi. Giler ke! The singaporean also have to learn canto so funny la hear them speak in canto!

Anyway I won't spoil too much because it is a great film. Go watch it. I mean it speaks of our culture which is what I like about Jack Neo's film. Maybe there might be a change in Ah Long's society here in Msia haha.

I give it 4 out of 5 star!!


fangz said...

ehz is that "BRADER" me? *looks around*

They normally have all sorts of local languages in their movies But when they show on national tv, it is dubbed into mandarin only (-_-)

I hate it when they try to mimick KL 'mandarin-slang' whenever they have a Malaysian character, even though I hate KL slang too mwahahahha

And btw, they speak cantonese also larz, but normally those over 30s.. I think it's only normal ok, KL is weird!

Anonymous said...

eh judgemental fella. i also watch chinese shows la. i wanted to watch that show samore.sigh.
beh tahan!

:: J o h n :: said...

Yes Brader refers to you.. oh ya man so stupid la everything dub to chinese -.- sien diao