10 Random Photolog

Time to do some photolog since I have not really done a random one for quite some time already. Over the course since I have gotten my camera, I have taken quite a few thousand shots but only few got chosen for my 366 project.

Let's get to it.

This photo was snap recently when she learned some new recipe and cooked. Turns out of course is edible... good actually better than my white sauce spag.

Just something I thought cool to post... nothing special.. moving on

Hmm. I caught this early this year at k3k hehe. nice? I hope they dun find this image and suuuuuuuuuue me. I like it alot. Because the venue is super nice can? Can become wedding image. See cheap wedding photo also nice wert...

The climbing gang minus Aaron and plus Andrew haha.

I like this too. Very nicely moved? lol

Haha i like this pic. Can jadi wedding photo jugak kan. Lol

Time to love myself now (a better word for camwhoring)

This was kinda inspired by the song by Sixpence None the Richer - too far gone. An inner struggle battle within self to break free ready to fight ready to explode. I am in search. Now that I am hiding from the light.

Taken at bee's connection in low yat. They do serve some nice chee cheong fun, and also some honey drinks worth the try. For those who's interested it is located near the ATMs.

Taken after being inspired by cassie... er after I cut my hair actually. Then I thought hey why not put my finger over my mouth for no reason? and I thought hey let's imitate cassie... *snaps* eh how come the picture cover more than my face? Then I laugh to myself and said oh... my arm longer than cassie's

haha... alright I am sure she's gonna BROTHERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR JOHNNNNNNNNNNNNN again. chao! hmm maybe that's the ugly side of me right cassie? ;) yes yes you hate me haha. And yes you used your zoom haha

Btw, looking at my pontianak picture reminds me of this video...check it out!


angeliCassie said...

nice pic.you look kinda pretty there brother john muahahahaha =p

if this is your ugly side,then i thank God for it =D

:: J o h n :: said...

=.= hahaha