Bias Media

Yet again bias media. Every single channel is BN BN BN BN BN BN BN BN BN sien sien sien sien sien sien sien sien.

Can we change the Malaysia? So near yet so far... Yes Hannah has won the battle, but we're still battling against the government or more so the ruling coalition. Its a constant battle, but we all love bias media don't we? With that, the ruling coalition can play up to people's mind with racial cards. RACE RACE RACE! unfortunately not all have the access to the internet, which make a lot of our country people katak di bawah BN

These few days saw a turn on BN as they shot full force at opposition breaking them by using racist card. PAS and DAP working together, ANWAR siding the Indians more than Malays blah blah blah and of course yer dun vote them MAY 13 will happen.

If may 13 is going to happen again, I would say Malaysia is very barbaric, we have gone back in date which I think even 1957 is better and modernized compared to now. Things are changing now. Just that we don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. Please we're striving for 1st world Malaysians, not remaining in 3rd world.

But why do we have Twin Towers, F1 track, was the best airport, and yet behave like 3rd world? Education. If we do riot = we're not educated = who to blame = education = kerisman. But then again is the whole education system, we are educating students rubbish that why you get rubbish. For example moral studies? RUBBISH! Ask any student - "how you pass moral hur?" "well simple lah just memorize all the 80(not sure now) values and yeah when exam come just match it lah" RUBBISH what is all those value when not practice? only memorizing without understanding!

That is why possibility of may 13 may happen because we are not educated we trust the medias

What tomorrow brings? I don't know. What I do know is that the rakyat are angry and frighten at the same time. Maybe many people are right, there is no way to change it. Maybe the virus are too strong for anti virus to combat. We are angry at the government, we are afraid of the outcome. As some of BN banner says - ANDA HANYA ADA SATU PILIHAN (you have only one choice) is right. We have only one choice.

There is no government, there is no democracy there is only King and peasants, and the King is BN and BN shall reign forever and ever. Our culture is too widely apart to be brought together. Not in a short period of time.

This is mainly also due to us as citizen lack of knowledge of parliment, voting, ballots, and the freedom of democracy. Now that Hannah has won, I am sure people would jump on her and ask her to do this and that and this and that as she promised. Yes she will do her best now. But what people don't see is that although she is now DUN of subang, she is not allow to sit in MPSJ as council because she is a non BN, that very fact has indeed limited in a lot of ways because she can only do check and balance of what they spend it on and stuff like that, she can suggest the plans but not sure whether have a power to ENFORCE it or not. These are the things Malaysians tend to ignore.

One question kept coming back whenever I ask them vote opposition even if it is PAS... and a lot criticized me for siding them. For a fact that they are not pursuing Islamic state is a big move, There have been changes. Like for example, a candidate just won in TITIWANGSA a member of PAS - a women. Now we all know that woman are actually quite sideline in the world of Islam. There has been improvements.

Knowledge is power. Ignorance is bliss and stupidity. I guess Malaysia will never improve unless people take initiative to change it. But how do we change it without knowing how? We want instant result, we want instant change yet we don't want to work at it. only 1 out of 15 of my peers in school registered to vote. SAD? you bet. To bring down a Goliath you need a sling, a rock and a thrower. Non of which you can work without missing anything.

The media is playing to us because we don't know where to stand. PAS and DAP so what? has PAS did anything wrong to you? mind you UMNO has done more harm to Christians than pas do you know that? It is UMNO who denied Lina Joy's case, it is MPSJ that pass the law on all church, it is UMNO who stopped the bibles at custom recently. And it is UMNO that made so much noise about Christians can not use the term ALLAH because it confused the muslim. What has PAS done? nothing. Did they persecute Christian in Kelantan and Terrenganu? Never heard of... It is all the Media doings.

Remember I blog about how BN has brand the rocket as Communist? They have also brand PAS as extreme terrorist. But have you seen them suicide bomb you? THINK ABOUT THAT. "Don't just YER PAS very Islam... "

In the same way, think also for the rest and what they stand for and what BN stand for and not just because you like that party don't like this party you know we are against BN the whole netizens...


The netizens are flocking in and I cant get my updates I am frustrated. Facebook is sloow too. This has been awesome yet saddening time. Yes Barang Naik going to menang.

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angeliCassie said...

ya Allah selamatkan la Malaysia.

there just said it and meant it with all my heart =)

but bro john we knew all along that BN gonna win wert..change doesn't come in one election..change comes in time..i seriously cannot wait to vote for the next election,like SERIOUSLY (chisin already)

let's just hope that by then i'll still be around,as in IN this country..and also the rest of the many talents out there have not already yet given up hope on our ibu pertiwi,forgetten the Setia song and flock away to other countries.

see ya tmrw morn.(psst cover my back!=p)