We did it although not gloriously but history is re-written

Hello people, Though the internet server is still down, the SPR site has the results in which you can check it. WE HAVE done it. Opposition has taken over 5 states Penang, Kelantan, Kedah, Perak and suprisingly Selangor. This is a major leap for Malaysians and have already sent a clear message to BN that they better don't play play with the rakyat.

Street protest, muddy campaign vs huge advertisements have proven that indeed we can change it from ground level. This unfortunately happens to be either a very stong Islam state and City state which shows that many are still living in the shadow.

However, we still did it. IN parliament, we denied BN 2/3 which is something we have not done it before ever since independence. That makes Abdullah Badawi and Mahathir predictions WRONG! WE DENIED THEM but not enough to combat them in their evil axis.

A new future is beginning, we need to work towards that. Of whom I have voted, I am surprised that Loh Gwo Burne has indeed won with 20,298 votes with Majority of 5k plus against cheeky Ah BENG. And hannah won with a Majority of 13k + votes 0_o and we say young people can't do stuff? let's see.

Now I can see powers are wetting their pants, MPSJ panic Polis are shaking and rakyat is celebrating.

Congrats Malaysians... Let's walk towards a first world system now. Syabas


fangz said...

going to all 4 ceramahs is not pathetic, never attempt to und and then goes *i dunno who to vote* is more pathetic (-.- ;)

surprisingly a lot of the states are more islamic ones huh. maybe cuz the chinese there are more restricted hence the vengeance mwahhaha

btw using jap keyboard, very mafanz!! all the letters are at diff places, took a long time to make that face

Liyin said...

Padam muka Bodohwi!

Undurlah Pak Lah!!! Balik rumah jaga isteri lah!

Glad that the Opposition parties have done it victoriously! And now BN knows we the Rakyat has the power to go against them.

Anonymous said...

actually in once sense i'm glad, in another i'm worried. wat's worse to have eh?... bad drivers or new drivers? both have their weak points. esp if i'm their passenger!! well, hope the new drivers realise they are new drivers and drive cautiously and carefully. 5 new drivers on the block. i'm reacting cautiously..... delay my celebrating for the moment.