How now green, blue, red cow?

Amidst all the racial dispute and most bloggers condemning uncle kit siang for his irrational thought and action 2 days ago by stirring up anger of people, those voted for DAP and PAS as well. Many condem uncle Kit Siang because of his action which began the fall of the new coalition, I have pity on him because he is torn between the young and old generation.

Of course you can go read more about the whole situation... Every blogger hantam uncle Kit Siang like nobody business and then came Haris Ibrahim. A blogger which I respected because he did not use angry tone, he is alway the peace maker and intelligent guy (he was one of the pioneers of Barisan Rakyat and also started the boycott main stream media movement).

You can read what he said on this issue


fangz said...

back to politics arz bra -_- haha

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