Alicia's Birthday

Last week a few of us were invited to Alicia's surprise party... Haven't seen them since Christmas or some sort. We were invited to this buffet steamboat call tasty pot (which not that tasty IMHO) in Sunway. (no-pic)

We (HPA) were then asked to leave the place to hide in another corner giving her a double surprise after she was surprised by her friends. So we hid and hid and van call we went in but no kick coz she too overwhelmed already so she blurs.

While waiting I snap photos. Long time didn't see michelle too. Van very working lady look la.

Erm... ok whole night Joman bugged himself because of his assignment, Toefl the great crapper irritated him with ideas.

Tada! surprise.... yea a bit too happy about her birthday... lol

erm yes SOYA BEAN! which is weirder than porridge. But it is their specialty. hmmm IT IS HARD TO BOIL, TASTE WEIRD, PERIOD

This are some of the dishes. actually very normal la the dish there. I only manage to go one trip because it is really crazy small space and really cramp up inside. So I ate up other's food. But don't quite get to enjoy.

I hope I got their names correct. Sat with them, I think its Alicia's friend, high school, college, not too sure. A guy with same camera with me took this shot. I camwhored with him quite a bit but he did not send me any photos. Maybe if he does I'll post it up. We both liked beef.

Accidental shot but I look good haha

Well there aren't anything to shoot anymore and birthday girl was really busy so we had fun ourself and stuff ourself. We Didn't even get to talk to Alicia except for "can take photo or not?" Anyway notice that she changed her shirt? HAHA reason-unknown

Anyway here's a birthday song video ;)

see non-political John is back


Joleen said...

yey you are back!! lol

fangz said...

bra did u gain weight? good for u haha AND OMGGGOSH WHAT HAPPENED U LOOK LIKE DANIEL ANG IN THE LAST PIX! haha