Passion World Tour

This is going to be a very very cool thing. Passion World Tour is dropping by KL! If you have 50 things to do before you die list, this has got to be one of them. I am very thrill to see Chris Tomlin and Louie Giglio is coming. That is crazy. Hmm I wonder what will the sermon be like? Is it going to be Indescribable? or How Great is our God? or or or Something NEW? Which would totally rock if it is!

Anyway price and place is yet to be confirm so it is pretty much planing stage but it is August 3rd SO MARK you calendars and save up! Hmm I am hopping more band will come but then it will cost... And Chris Tomlin can really rock too so I'll take that.

Another band is also coming which is also in planning stage. I am not suppose to leak any information out so... shhhhhh

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