From the left: Jeff Tan, Kay See, Jhan Goh, JoanneJoyce, Vinsie, Hensome

I miss my childhood friends. I have lost many childhood friends actually but these are the ones that were united (in 2004) after a long separation and some of us don't remember who is who coz they were like still babies when we're separated. Our last reunion was in 2004 minus hans, joel and joanne and my brother.

The next time we see each other all together will take quite some time as everyone is far from Malaysia now. Oh well don't really know when then. I lost all our baby pics T.T if any one of you read this blog and got them post it up facebook ya!

This friends of mine (or some to some extend I consider them extended family) do have a weird feelings towards it. In a sense we're not really super close (since we're separated for long) yet at the same time we seems to know each other and can talk and share with each other like we've known them for 50 years. I guess it is just something special (we're all PKs btw - the good ones)

How do we know each other? Our parents are best friends for centuries with each other that's how. So you can say that we knew each other even when we're inside our mom! Haha alright I guess this is totally weird for many of you reading this. ;)


Joleen said...

owh.. so sweet lol

fangz said...

ermz.. ermz.. wah..

peace out (-_-)V

*die die want to use tht mwahahah*