Pink is so overkilled

Alright! another party... and pink is so overkill! Ahah. Thank goodness I wore white coz I know plenty will turn out in PINK! Anyway as usual I snap photo and of course someone asked me turn on my smile detector and that my friend will always end up in disaster! so I present to you photo you'll never see on Felicia's entry(hehehe). Note that some photos are taken by Monica...


She painted her nails and yes keep showing her 'try to act cute' pose everywhere with her finger near her mouth... okok

You can't call this camwhoring because I was forced to do it. And I don't even know what pose is this and I did not paint my nails

Ok can take photo a while

You can't attend the wee's event without having decorative cupcakes right?

HAHAHA this photo makes me laugh so many times. I don't know what she was doing. What you doing ar Steph?

And then I turned on the smile detector and it shot a series of photo, but I think this is the funniest!

OK my assistant photographer forbid her picture being taken.

Very Happening group

Even the cake is PINK @_@

Alright so of course we always end with group photo. I think I pose well kan(taken from felicia's blog)

I got the song and of course the cream on face video. I only post the cream one la since I malas jugak nak hear birthday song kan


Felicia said...

this time, i do like good in the smile detector picture..=D

angeliCassie said...

i dun like you.period.

p/s:but still must keep my bimbotic secret.thanks!=D

:: J o h n :: said...

Haha... I know I know =)