Propaganda (Poster Wars)

The other day I posted some propaganda online by using youtube and also banners to promote whatever that they are promoting. So today, we'll look at some of the banners that are being hung up on the roads. Sorry for the limitedness because I only can go around my house area and also office to get em.

1st up, let's start with the usual one.

I guess nobody told them that less is more. The odd thing is. Wherever DAP/PKR set their flags up BN sure want to chip in and hang all over, overlap the opposition like spider web -.-

Then we have the boring boring one. Please la BN, can be more creative or not? This one when I was young you all already started using. It's getting boring ok? Yes when I was young I always thought... who died? Now it still looks like who died?

And in come this. This is from the young people who have fresh ideas and did not know what rules to play in. This one is super huge can? I have never seen such a huge face on election banner in my life not before certainly not now. All stick back to small flags.

This is actually very funny. I like the design but not sure how it would generate votes. Potraying him like Burne... James Burne... Yes they are calling him... correct correct correct every time he is up on stage...

Ok here comes to dirty type of posters. BN is playing way too dirty by condemning others. The poster says MCA is developing strong, Rocket(DAP) saliva simply shoot. HAHA direct translation la. This is why I say, why last time I think DAP are communist. I think they are very childish lah. Like school students fighting.

Here's another one. Thankfully not many of these are up. This one says "can talk cannot do, ROCKET is a liar" ya so that's what it meant.

and here comes the bomb of bombs... I did not went to see it for myself and did not went and shoot it because it has already been taken down. So I have to borrow from Miss.Teresa Kok's blog (if I may). BN went as far as depicting Teresa and disgrace her on the ad.

This image shows that she is forgetting the old and run to her new love.

This image show that she rocket back to her old lover. This is pure dirty. Well this is what happens when woman fights... scary... It shows that she's a cheap woman and that is really sad of MCA to put up such posters, what more it is a woman that put up such posters. At such, they protest.

And succeeded so now I think the posters are down... Read here for Teresa's post So there you have it. That's all I have.

WAIT! there is one more. This one is the champion of all posters ok?

While this is not an actual poster, but absolutely IN can? I know I know you are questioning what has fluff friends got to do with campaign and propaganda right? Well believe it or not. This fluff belongs to none other than the president of DAP... Mr. Lim Kit Siang~~~ Yes the 67 year old strong uncle.

While most people like BN still focusing on their dead man flags, the other parties already started moving towards technology and targeting younger generations because they know that it is absolutely key to the future. And most of the rocket people have facebook and use it as a tool to do their campaigns and share knowledge.

And yes! I am a friend of Lim Kit Siang in facebook lol (Well actually I just try out. didn't think it would work but it did haha)

Got to go before ISA comes... hehe.


Subang Jayan said...

Cool! John! We are linking your Blog and Videos at our Blog Hope you OK!

:: J o h n :: said...

Ya sure... Thanks alot of the linking I will catch hannah again tonight and record again tonight.. will inform you.. thanks again Subang Jayan ;)

fangz said...

bra ur blogging now haha

boost a lot of hits weiz ahhaha

Jarod said...

"BN is playing way too dirty by condemning others. The poster says MCA is developing strong, Rocket(DAP) saliva simply shoot."

U should add in : Got saliva to shoot is normal, unlike some one who dun have saliva & kept quiet! that's abnormal!