Campaigning in the rain

Yesterday was my 3rd Ceramah... I was there with my brother and Aaron. Halfway when Gorbin Singh was speaking it rained... then It got heavier. But the people stayed on. About 6k-7k of hardcore Malaysia Changing citizens.

Well, Below is the video of Hannah's Speech, Sorry that the camera shake so much because I had to shift place and shift hand as my hand is held high so I am tired of holding it. Lim Kit Siang Video will also be up tonight. Anyway enjoy the speech.'

edit: Both links up~ Decided to use vimeo as google videos getting slower I have no idea why, but if you want the google link let me know.



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Joleen said...

I really beh tahan d i wan to say something.. jus don't hit me haha

I like hannah how she motivate the crowd coz she did some promises and suggest ways to improve on SUBANG JAYA. EVen though i heard she is new, but she is quite good u see ;)

while Lim Kit Siang... He is very humorous and very good in speech. People getting so high and very happy on how he express on dissapoinment on BN.. O well its good.. But i don't really like where i feel like the whole speech on him jus saying how bad is BN n lack of solution on how to solve it after each problem.. coz i think other parties can do the same very well. Coz human just tend to be very good on saying bad of others already, we need SOLUTION.. lol..

just comment. :) no offence