Postcrossing - New Orleans

Hello, I received my 1st postcard from a girl name meaghan from New Orleans and it is from the postcrossing project(wheee) It was really a surprise. Hehe I love random snail mail now as I am deprived this few weeks (hehe)

How I got postcards from new orleans? Well join as a member of the website and read how. I think that system is brilliant. You have to send to receive. 1st step is to request an address and contact to send your postcard to... This contact is chosen randomly from thousands of users and you're given a code like 'MY-12345' write it on the postcard and simply send it out. When your contact received it, they have to register your postcard on the website and then postcrossing will then put you on the random list when others request a contact and address.

The more you sent the more you'll get hehe. I sent out 5 so far 3 have registered and I gotten one back. Maybe I am just lifeless. But I love surprises


fangz said...

haha sounds interesting! Is that why we are the BRA!! (-__-)

:: J o h n :: said...

LOL maybe that is why~

haha super random hehe