Will to live on

If there is a lesson learned this week, that is the will to live on. Recently (more so this year) I have begun to see the importance of JUSTICE. Social justice and one of the thing we are doing is seeing in how we can help the oppressed. Many people are beginning to do their part as we as Christians are suppose to do.

Something strucked my mind. There are actually many homeless people in our area and they have a job. Their job is to beg. What struck me was their will to survive. If ever I was in their shoe I don't really know what would I do. But yet these people battle on everyday life just like that don't know when is the last meal, don't know whether will it rain in where they are staying today. But yet they did not give up hope and continue to fight.

Today's sermon was on Bartimeus. (Mark 10:36-52) The blind beggar that received his sight. I never looked at it the same way this time round. I looked at it and imagined the countless homeless people I actually turn my eyes to. And seeing how they battle life.

1) He(Barty) cried with a loud voice (don't care of his face) to the Saviour - he did not self pitied himself that he is blind and begging . For many of us, we would probably be saying - he is so high up I am so low what am I? Like he's gonna care...

2) He leap to his feet and went to Jesus - again not a self pity move, he could have sat there and think that this person is really too much. Can't you see that I am blind? How can you ask a blind man come to you when you who can see can reach me easily? And you call yourself a Saviour? That is having faith and being humble at the same time. So it is indeed faith that cured him.

3) Jesus asked him to go after he healed him but he went on and follow Jesus becoming one of his disciple. - Showing gratitude after what you received

Some of us always seems to have bad luck (I say it right... luck) or it is just the way we see things to be bad. Always the negative is prominent never the positive. Well if ever negative stuff keeps happening, remember these homeless people. And how they had the will to fight for the day. Yet we who have home, family, handphones rather dwell ourself in 'emoness' and hope and see if someone would save us.

why not stand up and fight? (for the right cause)(of course)

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