Thailand Day 1 (part: King's Palace)

Yes as my title says, the next destination after visiting the church is to the king's palace. So while waiting for the bus, the weather is super hot that everyone cramp into a tiny 7-11 shop somewhere. I took something else to chill.

Tada. I guess Starbucks isn't quite as popular as Bangkok was dominated by portable starbucks and for the price like 30-35 baht, you get to enjoy pressed coffee which tasted better than erm our green shop.

Mmm Thai coffee is so good that I drank it like almost everyday while I was there. I don't even drink twice a month when I am here. Its chilling ;)

After reaching the bus stop, we had to walk to the river taxi. Ah for the price of my coffee you can actually buy slippers! And it looks awesomely good too. of course based on the picture you'll know that every footwear favours the ladies haha.

I mean since there is nothing for guys we waited lor what else to do? haha

We then head on to sit the river taxi... woohoo I love boats just as much as I love flying. And to think of Thais actually still uses water as their transport is pretty cool, though the river is just as polluted if not worse.

Thanks Teng Siong for taking this. I did take lots of picture of the river but its not that much nice nor significant. So we fast forward to where we dock after like 20 minutes.

Walked through some street before reaching the palace. They love bizarre stuff. You know I love bizarre stuff too but for some reason I can't accept their bizarreness. I mean selling erm tooth?(I used past tense because yes it was worn by someone)

I figured that it is mostly for collection sake. Because the tooth is pretty much customize as to the other person so on some tooth you may find just 3 tooths in different place kinda thing. And some got gold and silver embed on it. Ok I guess describing this to you means I am bizzare. Yes I did stand there and take a good long look at them haha.

Moments later we reached king's palace! and we took photo with the army and where they rested. Thanks Alex

Ok many including Jo were stranded outside because only long pants are allowed in after the army checkpoint. (That shows how strict they still hold on to their custom) There is another place that you can erm loan their free pants but I guess they are too lazy.

Talk about bling blings man... Not sure what is it but dude the gold colour already makes you like jaw drop can?

While walking around suddenly I saw Vincent and Suzy trying to jump shot. So do I stand round watching them? no I bundled with them la of course

Photo by Teng Siong using his SE camera phone... don't know what model though but based on the photo i'd say er 2mp? he took continuous shot wit it

That's it. Beyond this gate behind us you have to pay RM2 to get in, but because more than half of them did not pass even the 1st gate, we only loitered and therein explained my gay jump.

This is sort of like a breakthrough for me, anyone knows me knows that I am not quite a friendly person nor am I noisy. But this trip I am so NOT me. maybe it was the heat For those who know me if you're on me on this trip, you'll probably say I am not me. Here am I, knowing them for less than a day and yet jumping in photographs lol


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