Thailand Day 2 (part: final)

Ok so after the palace, we took erm bus all the way from the palace to the heart of Bangkok.

Ok this is vincent the one that jumps at the previous post. He has been to Bangkok for a few time I guess he is our tour guide in Bangkok and I think he did a good job to ensure we don't waste time asking around.

Ok this final part is all about shopping. We reached around noon and suppose to spend like 3 hours there! We all are allowed to go separate ways so we did but 1st we need lunch and everyone targets only one thing!

This is MBK centre er... its like Sungai Wang la but much newer looking and cleaner.

Everyone (actually just a few of us) aims for Mr Ronald!!!! I like their Ronald it is so like them. Do the Ronald in Japan bow? You're like thinking come Bangkok eat Ronald a bit the boring right must eat their street food, tom yum....

This is why everyone (actually just a few of us) came here its their PORK burger! erm this is the only time I sendiri went and purchase a PORK... erm it tasted quite porky and a bit like prosperity burger taste. I can't remember don't really like it. Their CHILI is supperb! Not spicy!

Anyway after that me and Joleen decided to go dating since we have like 3 hours to kill, we decided to walk to Siam Paragon (The largerst mall in southeast asia) and on the way we amuse ourself much!

Ok I am quite uncomfortable to copy people's style as that is not what I am all about but good styles are worth following. Do you still buy Apple when gazillion people buy it? why not right? But I also want to invent my own style so TADA!

Actually this also copy from FB. But who cares la HAHA

And we have jumppoke. Every kind of poke la imaginable XD

Anyway paragon is like Pavilion - See no touch... anyway I did touch some stuff lah like this...

OH MY GOODNESS good can? this is like heaven la. I can see Aaron probably drooling already. There is another shop but I didn't mange to take it, it has everything there rather than just guitar.

Anyway after a long walk we were tired and decided to sit down to rest while waiting for the time to pass. Outside this building the heat is unbearable. So better stay in we did went to shops and test like sounds and all.

Then we sat train back to MBK though it was just like 5 min walk but we wanted to try their train. Like LRT but they have like double decked railway. crazy.

Saw this - so funny while on the way to MBK la XD. Anyway look at their street. It is like that almost everywhere in Thailand. They are advance yes some part but their streets are still like poor.

That's all lor for day 1 My cam ran out of battery because the heat has cause the batter to use faster. Check the LCD out it has information to which road is jam and all. Green is clear etc.

Then we just waited for everyone and went back hotel chill awhile and went makan then chill again that's when I used the internet then waited for the bus to come take us to Khon kaen! so next Thailand post we'll wak up in Khon Kaen!

Good night

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