Thailand Day 1

Day1. YES the time has finally arrived after a long stress working hour I rushed and landed myself in the airport having a grumpy face. Well to be honest I am feeling odd to travel with I think 17 ppl that I don't know @_@

Well this is the 1st shot I have of them

The photo is blurred because I dared not stand and snap it because it is like police custom so i quickly shoot and go. The person kena check was my roommate. Joleen say he's weird so suitable to be my roommate. I agree too. He wore army clothing, brought everything in his sack bag and yea of course kena la. His Shampoo all taken, and even had a blade in the pencil box HAHA!

let's move on

When roommate done with his custom, it is just nice to board the plane. I love flying, do you?

Yes must whore in plane. Notice that OBASSAN on the right also want to camwhore together? she's not with us btw lol.

I was hungry so I bought a set to eat up it is er 90 baht (for this trip I will talk in baht... RM1=10baht) And Joleen like not too happy I waste money like that... later she bought a bottle of 500ml EVIAN at the airport and it cost her 60baht (HAHA) (btw EVIAN water is the same price as PIERRE water in Thailand)

to clarify the while longish thingy beside my Ovatine is chicken sandwich. It is not a pillow/bolster though it looks like one.

After getting off and got a taxi which tong us 99 but we had no choice because we already sat on it, we arrive at this hotel~ it is a budget hotel MANSION kononnya... It doesn't even have air conditioning at the LOBBY! and the weather is like 38degress at night... AHHHHHHH so I came out and snap some pic while waiting for the rest to check in

We then had a short briefing.... and went out to our mansion

TADA! nice or not our mansion? cool ler? notice the aircond? yea it is blowing at me the whole night... In the morning only I realised that the direction of the air can be changed manually... well its hard to explain...

Anyway we were too tired to think of anything beside sleep. So I went out and just appreciate the weather scenery and get back in for the air conditioning.

Well that's it for the night. Will get back in the morning, Good night.

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Joleen said...

yea khang wei is weird XD