Thailand Day 2 (part I)

We woke up at about 7AM (Thailand is 1 hour difference in time zone so it is about 8AM Malaysian time) This was the same view as yesterday's pic and my 1st reaction was - O.o? Like Malaysia macam. But then, what you expect? its 550baht per room

We then did our devos and headed out to find food. I was hoping maybe some decent street food, coffee shop or some sort but no! We went to the market!

Yes filled with chicken, ducks, mou(pork) and whatever else dead or alive.

Er Pass...

Regular food in Thai, Chap Fan. I don't really dare eat it because it is like gross and the smell is... I don't know it just look gross la. Everything already seems like pork and looks spicy to me now -.-

I was ready to opt for fruits for breakfast by now until we found

This is as sane as it looks! although the display of beef puts me off,

That's a huge load of beef stuff stomach and er meat I guess. This uncle is NOT the shop owner btw, he's with us and he has been to Thai camp for 4 years already

Anyway it is safer to order something safe! and beef balls are always safe. How it taste? MY GOODNESS one mouth and its like WOW. TANGKAK beef noodle can ZHAP LAP straight if they come here.

Someone then went and tabao this MY GOODNESS again. I have not tasted mangoes this sweet in my life. MMMMmmmm. Aaron wondered how they can eat Mango rice for living. I can tell you that YES you can definitely eat that for life!

Someone tabao this too erm some kind of dumpling. You wrap it with the vege and eat it throw it in your mouth and MY GOODNESS it is good. Though I can't make up what's in it but MMMM ok my mouth is watering again...

That's all for breakfast. I am stuffed. We then went on with our walking

Some bbq pisang which I did not try at all during the trip (gotta keep something that I can try if I go back there again)

After a not so long walk, we then stop here. This is their main church in BANGKOK - HOPE PLACE. (cool name)

This is where HOPE of God started and it grew and send pioneers to almost 100 countries in the world (till date) over the period of I think 30-40 years. We did allowed into their service hall but there weren't anyone in the office that can bring us for tour and the lights were off so no pic.

And I end here for this post.


angeliCassie said...

i WANT the fooddddd =( =( =(

:: J o h n :: said...

Which one? there is no sushi you know???

angeliCassie said...

ish bro jn i dun only eat sushi larrr -_-"