Day 4 Thailand

No parts today... As the days passed by I find myself getting lazier taking photograph because I have taken all already. And because you're stuck in a place, there is nothing much you could do. It's not like you can see around. The weather is so hot that you instantly don't feel like doing anything at all. So this is going to be more of a wordy post.

We woke up pretty tired (as usual) but I find myself enjoying their buffet breakfast AMERICAN STYLE (no-pix - too lazy) Yea took a lot of ham and sausages and also scrambled eggs. And yea got on the bus and left for the University.

After the morning session, It's already lunch time. I find their service is rather long actually. It starts from 8 to almost 12:30 and YES of course I grew restless after a while. When I came back I was actually rather not used to the service here because it is seriously SHORT! It's almost good 2 hours on sermon alone over there!

They preached in Thai and translate to English. And hearing Thai for a long hour of period can actually make you go crazy because you don't understand them. Now you know how the Chinese people felt when the sermon is being translated from English ;)

I decided to keep this picture small and see how it looks like

The group shot and not everyone's in it

That's Chrystal, Joleen and Me - Thanks Alex again for shooting this. We decided to erm skip some meeting hehehe and went back to our hotel. Some went massage and we went shopping after that. This is SONG(-) TIÁO and it is like er mini lorry kinda transport and it is like 8 baht everywhere you go.

We went shopping of course. The street is as dead as it can get. Imagine Petaling Street with just a few humanoids. Its scary ok. And there's like hundreds of shop open for no reason? Of course tourist like us rarely exist here. We actually wanted to find some street food but couldn't find and then suddenly we stumbled upon...

Tada and Chrystal went crazy... Who wouldn't? I went crazy as well with their super good quality and cheap toys~ Joleen see me keep starring at the RHINO and later she bought one for me for super cheap price. It's almost erm cheaper by RM40 there.

And we continued walking and finding for food I mean Tom Yum. Can you believe it is super hard to find one? We ended up in a restaurant to finally order one. It taste good. Not spicy at all ;)

Gung is prawn in Thai

This I don't really like. This is erm green curry and it is spicy >.< And I never liked green curry. it is so hard to pronounce that we almost gave up looking for it... anyways lol.

Anyway it is time to go back to hotel and get our stuff. We were super late for service by then So we hire a TUT TUT that fetch 4 of us in it. I took this our of danger

We then ran up to our room and -.- my roomate didn't leave the key at the reception. He went massage and then left to uni. I have to endure my sweaty shirt and go to uni lor boh pian. Anyway while we were outside the hotel waiting for song tiao, some 5 old aunty say DON'T ride from here. And brought to the market then SUDDENLY...

People in market stared at us furiously and angrily. We were seriously late and the aunties walk pretty fast I wasn't noticing what was going on until Ezra said "Eh their national anthem" (it was airing through the PA system) We then stop! and then after a few seconds the song ended I took out my camera but too bad it was too slow to fire up and every thing moves again. Looks like I have miss their daily national freeze. (which speaking of that I think it was about the same time they did pyramid freeze)

That is their love for the country. I heard in the cinema, you have to stand & freeze too before each screening of movie they play the king's history and national anthem. GOODNESS... Malaysia will probably throw something at the PA system.

We then later found out that the aunties are actually from HONG KONG and they are actually Thai. Ok if you ask me whey they did not know that it was their national anthem that was playing and why they did not stop, it was because they have lived in Hong Kong for almost 30 years (married over there la). They ask us why we know Cantonese lol. We say MALAYSIA rojak but we don't know Thai.

Let's fast forward to...

Tada this is our supper bought from 7-11. Mine is spicy so I did not finish. Joleen's one is super super spicy that she can't even take more than 5 mouthful we had to throw away. Crazy Thai people.

So anyway yea that was Day 4 not bad for the day la. Just lack of mood to do anything in the heat.


fangz said...

but but but! the noodles looks delicious! i love anything unhealthy! haha

Joleen said...

its super super spicy >.< i nv tasted that spicy maggie mee before

:: J o h n :: said...

XD non of us dare to touch her noodle yes it is the one in red.

mine is the front one the other one is the best!

fangz said...

haha the other one looks better -_-

jo ur's more like noodles in chili oil like that

bra useless larz u urs looks really mild.

eh why am I replying as if this my blog hahhaa -_-