Day 3 Thailand (Part: Conference)

Ok so the place where the conference was held is in a university convention hall.

The uni

This is where the international delegates sit. I was told that due to the large amount of people this camp was separated into 3 times... means once our camp finishes, another one which caters to others will start how cool is that?

The hall~~ I can't take photo during their sermon time lol and I have to register my camera.

After the session end, we were given free mangoes. It is their mango season in Thailand and it is really mangoes everywhere. Well only international delegates get mangoes~

When the session end it was already dinner time. I lost the group while I was in the toilet. So I decided to regroup once the night session start. I decided to give dinner a pass due to the crowd and the canteen is jam pack.

The front of the convention hall. I love the huge piece of green grass.

I wasn't the only one giving dinner a pass. They too gave dinner a pass and have their own group studies or some sort.

That's their like opening ceremony worship team la... pretty small right? The part where all the chairs are is their orchestra, the back erm choir, then the usual band, on the right is actually their trumpeters and saxophonist yea that's about it. Their praise is really lively lor crazy can?

And we got a surprise once we hit our hotel at night and this was from the senior pastor. Wow they really do know how to give a warm reception to you I mean the Thai people.

That's it for the night, I did eat chicken rice that Joleen tabao for supper but no pics cause was too hungry.


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