Final blog on Thailand

Yo, Haha after a long break let's return to the final post about Thailand

Day whatever is it I hardly take any picture at all. In fact I was like so tired and hot that I fell asleep constantly. That afternoon, many of us decided to go back to hotel and rest while I went back to my room and watch Terminator on my iPod (sad I know) Joleen Sam and Room mate went to buy some art stuff to do A.M.E.N so they return with the stuff and I had to do it with them -.-

And to skip the doing, here is the end result... TADA

And then at night I decided to go out makan with them. Amazingly the street at night is quite alive compared to the afternoon where I said it was a ghost town

It is famous for duck noodle I suppose but I hate duck as well (-_-") I am so choosy but no matter I ordered something

Familiar right? Actually it taste familiar too HAHA that is because it is konlomee...

Good night and I am going to miss the flat land

OK LAST DAY~~ This is more like a group picture kinda moment

Yes my newly bought rhino

Group picture~~

Me and Jo in the conference area waiting for people take us to the bus station

And a final picture

That's it, that's whole of thailand, There is a video coming up but as usual have to wait for me to put it together and that's about it I guess. ;)



fangz said...

ur rhino's doing the V sign! 2 Vs somemore so cool hahahaha

:: J o h n :: said...

Like that also can? LOL

Anyway I name it tea because I did not know what to name it but got once in the hotel it fell onto my cup of tea and hence I name it tea HAHAHA


fangz said...

eh why u syok sendiri and terpesong i nv ask abt his name oso haha but his double V pose is very cool wei hahaha

Joleen said...

V(^ ^)V peace~~~~