A letter

Today, I received a letter, a picture and a drawing from my World Vision kid. The letter goes like this:

Dear brother John, (does everyone calls me that now?)

How are you? Greetings to you for this day! Thank you very much for writting letter to me. I am studying at 1st grade of primary school this year. Our summer holiday will begin soon. I have many friends. I am a head of our class.

My Mother had a baby on April. Now I have baby sister. Our family members are all happy for that. Do you have any children? Your girlfriend is very beautiful. I received the toy car you sent. Thank you very much. I am sending my photo to you. I will send you my family photo next time.

Please write many interesting letters. I will write to you too. I am writting this letter by myself. If it looks very bad please sorry.

Hmmm pretty smart kid I suppose considering he is the head of the class. I can't even write that well when I am in primary school. Of course he wrote it Mongolian and they translate to English.

I actually am considering to stop my sponsorship because the credit card keeps giving me problems and again I am spending much even though I don't see where my money goes to. But then again...

I don't know, 50 is a lot. 50 is the price of united one night only. 50 is also 5 Mcdonald meals, 50 is also one year's education, 50 can save many lives. 50 is one year's wages. Yet in our opinion 50 is still big.

Why is it that there's no action from us even when we hear sermons from the pulpit plenty of times but when American Idol sang Shout to the Lord it moves us to tears? Why is it the call to mission is so hard when a simple short clip of Simon crying while visiting Africa moves everyone to donate?

Isn't it our job? But why when compassion is mentioned, BONO, OPRAH even BRAD and ANGELINA name came 1st? Where is our people? why are we hiding? Is this Christianity?

We're call to action, uphold justice, help the helpless, feed the poor. And yet here am I wondering what I could use 50 for something else. Shame on me. I have failed and to quote - where our treasures is there our hearts WILL be. What is my decision then? Well, I am going to let him go to school, get educated continue his role as head of the class. But at the same time, I also want to ask if anyone wants to help me out as well because I believe when we give together we can achieve more in times to come.


Felicia said...

bro john,
how many kids do u have??

:: J o h n :: said...

1 only~

fangz said...

why is he not calling you DADDY! haha