Sabah: The Climb

Finally! got it done, compressed rendered etc making me work late nights. Yet I still can't seems to get the whole idea of H.264 encoding so gotta live with mpg. Anyhow... The climb!

Warning 1: Watch only if you have 18:47 minutes of spare time
Warning 2: You'll most likely get annoyed by me (as I am pretty annoyed at myself)
Warning 3: It might be a little sluggish to load the vid (hope not)

Some parts of the videos are very choppy because I am not a videographer by nature and I have no patience to edit them. This is as raw as it gets. Some of the clips are just taken to show you the terrain and surroundings. If you plan to climb it, and don't want any spoilers, do not watch!
*End Disclaimer*

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