Alright seems like a lot people are cnosufe with my blogs. Haha. To clear matters up, this is my main blog. Which I keep all my entries somewhat neat.

The project366 that you will click on links to my tumblr page which is a project I will be doing not only for this year but years to come perhaps. It is a place and also a project to document a photo a day for some time to come.

Another blog which is elluminate.tumblr.com is just where I keep my trash. I rarely update that one for the fear that it will be csonfue again with this one. I use that mainly to blog about design or quotes or what nots. Oh yes. I use that when I am travelling. But that's about all I use it for. Hope that helps...

I am still working on my sabah video which seems too overdue but I shall get it up and running by weekend (fingers cross and subject to freelability of my schedule)


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